Ancient paths


Blessings instead of cursings.

When people curse you, pause and ask God how he thinks regarding your identity and destiny.


6 hats


6 colour ‘Thinking Hat’s:

White: data-analyze and look for gaps in knowledge that require closing
Red: intuition and gut
Black: look at the bad points of the decision and see why it might not work, see problems in advance
Yellow: positive: see the benefits of a decision
Green: creative
Blue: Process control, focus



Holistic learning is about frameworking. And interrelating with concepts.

Build a Model of the concepts, linking them together in one whole big Web.

Visualise: Visualise the abstract idea and draw it out in terms of how you believe it could look like.
(Also, smell, hearing, etc, all senses)

Metaphor: Apply concepts from one field onto another,  eg economics of love.

Write down ideas that this concept reminds you of.

Find the gaps in ur understanding and fill them up with knowledge that is missing

Exceptions : where is is no underlying system to understand and underpin.

Challenge: to build a system for whatever was learnt everyday. Use one tool each time.

Holistic learning challenge:
Holistic learning is like bringing parts of body together and getting them to relate to one another so that the whole body can work well.



Starburst aspects

mindmap of 6 aspects: who, what, when, where, how, why.


Brainwriting 635

-6 people

-1 piece of paper each

each round:

-3 minutes

-5 ideas

Papers get swopped around for more ideas to be built up upon after each round


Slips 25

Each person in the group gets 25 slips, and writes down one idea on each slip.
Reverse brainstorm

Think of the opposite of the objective, and go about thinking about how this opposite objective could be achieved. reserve those solutions.
Charrette issue-group process

allocate one issue to one group, everyone in the group contributes an idea. Issue is passed on to the next group till all groups have contributed solutions for all issues.
Random unrelated input

Start from unrelated word outside of the industry and subject at hand, and derive solutions from there.


Holistic learning challenge:

Brainstorming is like lumba dancing, you need to move fast and it needs to be stimulating

It is also like playing poison ball, there are many people(ideas) involved but your objective is just to hit one in the end.

Lastly it is like travelling because plan all you may, but you always end up with some unexpected experiences because you went out of your usual living space and got yourself lost in the world.

Financial Steward


Provision comes from God alone, no matter where your income comes from (passive income, income from work, part-time job, business etc)

Biblical prosperity: We manage our expenditures and income as God directs for the benefit of mankind. Seek more opportunities for wealth and reduce/increase consumption in certain aspects as God leads.

Seek wisdom, not principles

Righteousness, integrity is important

Seek accountability from your leaders in this


1.Hence, Tithe: Opens Account, Set apart for God, for worship and rejoicing and thanksgiving, only for church providing spiritual covering


2.Budgeting for Expenses


i) Keep track of present expenses in each category, must do that every end of day


ii) Determine your desired items, including gifts for others, budget and prioritize


iii) Categorize the wants into Obligations, Necessities and Wants


iv) Track Spending: Average spending of three months in each category, ask God is the number too high, too low or correct? Change accordingly.


v) After point iv has been established, pray for desired items list, and ask God which are to be bought, when you should get it and how much to put into it. Divide the determined amount by the amount of months you need to get by, then save this amount every month and so on.


vi) Always spend in the priority sequence: Obligations-necessities-wants, according to effectiveness towards objectives. Pray


vii) If God prompts you to spend more in a certain area, do in faith and ask where to allocate the money from. Review income vs expenditures every mid-month, if one category is in the red, pray to ask God where to allocate more from another spending category.

ps: savings should not be saved just for rainy day per se, but its objectives need to be identified, if not we will be trusting in money not God




No debt: pay agreed amount on agreed terms each month

Inheritance: leave inheritance for grandchildren, not children

thanksgiving to people who have helped

training and knowledge, network



regular expenses


ix) always pray for where to buy, research to find best deals, ask God how much to spend!


The wise and generous channeler: abundancy for all

3. Increasing fruits of righteousness: to set free people from the spirit of mammon

review the financial situation, skills in handling finances of the person

4. Investment: sowing and reaping for growth and multiplication

Work is involved: ask God where to invest, and how much, and pray for spiritual warfare to be done

Never sow more than you can pray for it: watch over your seed faithfully.

5. Offering: akin to leaving corners of fileds unharvested, for poor to glean

Planned giving

Spontaneous giving for ministries

Alms giving to poor


Holistic Learning Challenge :
Expected outcome of applying these principles for financial management:

A good financial steward would be like one that has found the perfect organic ingredients for a creation that has all the different ingredients input in precise amounts and at the right precisely calculated times. Carefully and respectfully crafted to be appealing in presentation and intricate smells that infuse and interlock wonderfully to bring you the most tender and intriguing tastes of all Rochester.
(a great servant)



An architect was hard pressed working on his project

He needs to take a breather-striding out into the streets he looked hard into the sun, glaring back at him.

He decides to find a apprentice, someone who would help him out, someone he can rely on.

He finds a suitable candidate very soon, and strangely but wondrously, he realized that in the process of the trainings,

he was complied to rethink all that he knows about architecting and his position.

He realized that he needs to find a compelling way to communicate accurately.

He realized training and teaching others, helped refine his understanding.


This is what this blog exists for. 

To share beautiful insights, bringing everything down to a streamlined, modeled simple truth

To refine my own understanding

To share success stories of implementing the insights immediately