Vocal techniques in recording


Sing like talking. Light. Soft. Control. Open sound.

Lowest note is the greatest consideration.
High notes can fade.


Hmm? exercise
Sound always above lips
Hum entire song thru before singing

Tongue exercise


C K G Y Ng

Always open mouth and get tongue in position before you make any sound.

Neutral voice

Vowels A E I O U
Direct and straight.
Maintain same mouth shape as you change pitch in sliding exercises and melodic exercise.

Resonance position: up down, front back.

Don’t design the song for the singer. Let him sing using techniques he has already mastered, so that it is natural. Don’t introduce new techniques for him to use, unless he is already familiar with it.

Holistic learning exercise: building blocks of chocolate need to be in place correctly before the fancy stuff comes in.


Parables in the Bible and their reference points


The crux of the parables is to bring forth a response, through a reference point that the audience will identify immediately.

This is like producing a smell in the 4D theatre that triggers a memory or emotion immediately.
The crux us the memory, but the smell is used to trigger it.

Eg intended memory : something smelly
For Singaporeans: smelly toufu
For China and USA: durian

Hence, our personal role in interpretating the parables in the bible, is to find the reference points which are extremely relevant for the audience, and recreate our own reference points, how would Jesus drive the message home for us.?

Eg mustard seed vs bamboo shoot.

Linking ideas


Most ideas are easy to understand and remember.

Only link ideas that require linking:

Link ideas that are

Difficult: list of ideas, dates or order of something that have little connection
Critical: form the basis you construct other ideas from

For this month: use metaphors and visualisation to link and remember ideas, remember as if I need to teach a six year old immediately after lesson