Matt 10:19 what to say and how to say


Matthew 10:19-20 NET

Whenever they hand you over for trial, do not worry about how to speak or what to say, for what you should say will be given to you at that time.   For it is not you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.


7 ways to Make Learning Stick


Retrive from memory

Eg pulling out from a hole, since hole is dark and black, use black for this point



Visualization of 5 senses + Metaphor into another area in life

Use yellow becase my dreams frequently have yellow recently



Alternate between different things within the same topic of interest

Eg Tasting different parts of the cake, alternative the cherry, then cream, chocolate bits, then sponge etc

Eg Rotate in retail, warehousing, delivery etc in logistics field

Use Red because reminded of the red colour in the cherry



Troubleshoot and come up with an answer before the answer is provided to you

Eg Draw an image of what you think the grass looks like before it is revealed

Use green because it is something new, created, reminds me of new grass and vegetation



Review what happened throughout the session/day, and reflect on what went wrong and how you can improve at the end of the day.

Eg Keeping my work journal and reflecting at 530pm every day.

Use blue because my reflections are blue



Use to remember

Eg, RIA, IWT, PID, V5 and MA exercises(V5= visualise with 5 senses, MA= Metaphor using other areas)

Eg FACE and EGBDF in music

Use purple because mnemonics use strange things to help remember, purple is a strange and out-of-the-ordinary colour for me



Take tests and get feedback to know what you don’t know

Eg Mirror with letter T and F in it. or Mirror with Female teacher in it.

Use light blue because it reminds me of mirrors


Holistic exercise:

Use colours for each point.



Live in the Penthouse


Live in the Penthouse, think of something in the nature of God opposite to what you are experiencing or thinking, live in the penthouse instead of the first floor. Reprogramme your living quarters. Live from the inheritance of God. If there’s anything you need, you can go to Papa



Pray more longer time than u usually would, and in tongues

Fast: don’t just fast when you are led by God, make it a regular thing!



Impartation : receive anointing from those who have what you want. Get there physically to be anointed!

Teachings: learn and model and apply and share

Play worship music in ur home

Exercise senses


Close eyes and see

Focus on hearing something when there’s no sounds around





Spiritual senses get engaged.



Relax. No anxiousness.

Practice in small doses where ever u are all over the day.