Review for History, Law and Christianity by John Warwick Montgomery


The legal evidence, or way of thinking the book referred to, is a unique and useful way for examining the facts on whether or not Jesus really claimed he is God, whether he really resurrected: the facts on which, the truth of whether Christianity is relevant, even if it should stand. When it come to apologetics, we study logic, science, and history, but we know that however logical Christ may be, because his claims and his resurrection have all happened in the past, there is no 100% certainty by which we say, this and this happened. Herein comes the role of probability. And together with probability, we employ the use of legal methods of investigation on the facts regarding Christ:
How is a matter trialed on court? How are evidences weighed and judged upon in court in determining the truth? The author is an expert in Law and the greatly gifted candidate to show us all these. The language is slightly scholarly owing to the background of the author, but this book is nevertheless a classic which I would urge urgently all my Christian brothers and sisters to read.

Disclaimer: This book was provided gratis by the publisher and Cross-Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review.


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