Review on Marry Wisely, Marry Well by Ernie Baker


Marriage as one of life’s most long lasting relationships affects quite a bit of the adult to later years of our lives. It is indeed wise and profitable to think carefully before jumping onto the bandwagon. However, the dilemma sometimes comes from our idea of the economic concept called “scarcity” – would the good vegetables be taken by the time I take too long to consider?

This book focuses on how to build up wisdom which is necessary for marrying well to avoid much heartache and complications well later on. I might say there is indeed quite a lot of wisdom here and the author does not give you pet answers, but gives you the tools and methods to evaluate and from the perspective of knowing who God is and how He provides, guides us and gives us wisdom. I love the wisdom found in this pages and would look forward to more books from this author in the future. Recommend those intending to get into marriage in near/far future to read this book and get wisdom from this really biblically-based book which has also been backed with author’s own working experiences both knowing God and in marriage.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Cross Focus Reviews in exchange for my honest review.


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